Vicious Dogs

Okay so here’s the thing.

I have two GREAT dogs. I have a german shepherd and a coonhound, both are incredibly friendly and love playing with other dogs, they are also so great off leash I mean I really lucked out with them.

Anyways, today was +30 and it was like stupid humid, there was no breeze or anything. It was killer, so we decided to take our babies to the beach, there was a few people there as well as two other families with their dogs. So my girls had friends to play with, and oh my god, they loved it! Everyone there was really great!

Except for ONE family, with three dogs. They didn’t show up until later and when they did, I lost my shit.

See, in my opinion, if you own a dog that is not socialized, DON’T BRING IT TO A BEACH WITH OTHER DOGS.

Everything was great, Mya *Coonhound* ran up to go meet the new friends, as well as Bella *German*, unfortunately, the first dog wasn’t friendly and snapped at Mya, she actually got Mya’s snout but slid off without doing any damage. I wasn’t so mad because the owner was an idiot and was ripping on the leash. You know, that thing you do when you want your dog to panic and get aggressive? Yeah. That.

She pissed me off, but I let it slide.

Moving on, they had a golden retriever with them and my girls, of course, tried to see him too, only this time, the owner dude wasn’t pulling on him, and he full on attacked at my dogs, snarling and snapping. Everything. I freaked! I screamed at them and started rant bitching to my family about the morons of this fucking town.

Now I said a lot of colorful things about the dog, and the owner and boot fucking them both when it happened, and to be totally honest, I’m not too pleased with myself.

But the bottom line is if you know your dogs are aggressive with other pets outside of your home then either muzzle them or don’t bring them to a busy beach. It’s really not that hard. And if you don’t want to do either or those things, then train your fucking dogs!

I really hate neglectful pet owners. Especially ones that yank on their dog’s neck because they don’t know how to socialize the animal!

Please train your dogs. It might be hard, but it’s well worth it and you won’t get yourself told off at a beach…



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