Asshole Drivers.

Alright, so this is an overdue post.

Not because I haven’t posted in a while, but mostly because it annoys the shit out of me and I have no idea why I haven’t posted about it sooner to be real with you.

An event happened to me the other day, I was driving with my mother, brother, and wife. We were doing some things that needed to be done and actually had just picked up my brother from a school trip when this particular event happened. Anyway, we were driving down a four lane highway, and I had a car right on my ass end like there was no way for anyone to change lanes, but that wasn’t a problem for me because they were in the lane NEXT to me. Let me just say, I realllllly hate bikers now.

This cunt decided he wanted to be an impatient FUCK and drive down the center lane between two cars.

My car had four people in it, and the car next to me had a mother and child, and let me tell you, this mother was PISSED.

The sheer look of ‘you little fucker’ that passed on this woman’s face was actually quite hilarious because the minute you saw it, you could tell that this woman was about to go fucking apeshit on this guy.

I mean had he caused an accident, not only could he have killed himself but 6 other people along with him. And the worse part is he came out of fucking nowhere! NO ONE saw him, it was like he magically appeared between the cars.

I wanted to get out and punch him in the face to be totally honest.

Other occasions involving bikes consist of them swerving in an out of traffic, racing cars, cars racing them *asssssholllllles going 110 in a 90*, and a bunch of other shit.

I see a lot of bikers bitching about how cars are trying to run them off the road, or don’t give them room, and I mean I’ve witnessed this too, but it would help if most of you weren’t such cunts by pissing off the cars in the first place.
I see more bikers almost causing the accidents than I do cars trying to kill them. And to be honest I can’t help but laugh at the bikers when they bitch about the other people.

Moving on, people who text while driving. MOTHERFUCKERS, your phone is not more important than mine, or anyone else’s life. You have no right to pick up your phone and answer a text while you are driving down a highway doing 100, or a city street going 60. It does not matter what it is about, I don’t care if your wife is in labor, you pull the fuck over and answer that text while you are parked. Talking on the phone pisses me off just as much, especially when they look down and either swerve into the other lane or go 20 under the speed limit because they’re ‘trying to be careful’ and or just blatantly not paying attention.

Enough with endangering everyone around you. Take into consideration YOUR life, as well as the lives of the people in surrounding cars.

Stop being a cunt, pay attention, and think before you act like an asshole either behind the wheel or on a bike.

I’m sorry for the amount of swearing in this post, but come on. This is enough to piss ANYONE off.

I mean, I have no idea how many times I say ‘I hate this town.’ while I’m driving. It’s pathetic really.

Anyways lovelies. Talk soon.



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