I’m So Proud!!

Sooo, It’s April 11th and I’ve been a member of GoodLife Fitness since April 1st.

See my fiancee and I are NOTORIOUS for giving up on things like this, but for some reason, we finally pulled our heads out of our asses and started getting serious.

We have missed a total of TWO days of going to the gym, and that’s only because we got sore and took a break for a day, and then I got sick the next. Then right back at it again.

I’m honestly already seeing changes in my body, and it’s only been 9 days.
My biceps are starting to show more, my arms look beefier… That’s a word eh?
I don’t know I’m just really proud of myself. Eating healthier, working out, TRYING to purge bullshit from my life.

So far everything is going quite successfully.

I don’t really have much to say tonight, cause I’m dead tired! But stay tuned!

Laterdays lovelies.



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