A few weeks ago I started to think about going vegetarian. Not for any specific reason, just that I don’t really crave meat anymore, and I’m not huge on what animals have to go through for our consumption. It breaks my heart.

I came out with it to my fiancee a week or so ago, and expressed that I wanted to try going vegetarian. And to my surprise. She actually said she liked the idea and that she would too. Later that day, she even came out and said she was quitting smoking. *Yesterday (January 26th) was day one smoke-free! I’m so proud of her.*


So today, January 27th, 2016 will be DAY ONE of going vegetarian.

Our plan was that we’re going to have all our favorite red meats one more time, but I’m not too sure if I’m still going to do that. I think that if we do the ‘Just one more time’ thing then it’s not actually going to happen.

So to start, we’re cutting out all red/dark meats *Except for turkey for me, for now, because I absolutely loooove turkey, though I’m probably going to go to a farm to get a turkey during the holiday, so we KNOW that she/he was raised happy, and she’s not so jammed with preservatives*, and keeping white meats, dairy, fish and eggs in our diet as of now.

Maybe, later on, I’ll cut white meat, but for now, we’re not, just so we don’t overdo our system.

Not going to lie, I’m actually pretty excited.

We’re also going to get back into our smoothies. Though I really got to learn better portions cause right now I suck at it.

But hey, it’s all a learning process.

I’m going to start posting my recipes as well, so that if you guys are actually interested in the meals that I’ve had that day, then you can try them yourself!

I think for once, I’ve actually made a blog post, and not just rambling!

See, I’m learning!

Anyways Lovelies. I shall see you soon!



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