I Don’t Know How They Do It.

I don’t understand how people can blog every day. Mind you I’ve kept this up longer than I’ve ever kept up a writing task before, but I’m so tired.

I was literally almost asleep when I realized I never uploaded, so I got up. Now here I am.

I really need to get on a schedule. Seriously, this 6 AM crap for going to bed is nuts.

Today was actually kind of eventful though.

My wife and I had company over, and we all talked. About everything really.

Some of the conversation was SUPER personal, but other parts were busting each other’s balls, and joking around. Quite amusing though, it’s nice to actually have people to socialize with. To have someone who’s NOT my wife to talk to, I mean I love my wife to pieces, but it’s nice to have a change, and she feels the same.

OH, EVENT! It’s official, one of my best friends are moving in with us! She’s started moving in today, just little things, but that’s fine. Whatever makes her comfortable. Though I did get a bruise by moving her end table here by myself… My fault, cause I’m stubborn, and I’m not sorry. But it sucks.

I drove my mother into town today, so her and my grandmother can get to an appointment easier tomorrow.

Ummm, I don’t really think anything else happens.

So, moving on.

I have to go into town tomorrow and pick up some cat food, cause the roommate’s dog made short work of that… Thank god he’s cute. LOL. Really though, it’s not a big deal.

OH! I started watching a show called ‘Slasher’ and honestly, it’s really fucked up, but it was filmed in and around my hometown so that’s really the only reason I’m watching it.

And finally, I’ve FINALLY started getting back into my photography. Today I’ve sorted all of my photos into folders and what not so it’s easier to find what I’m looking for during editing. 5000 photos… Like is that not ridiculous?!

But anyways, moving on.

I really think these things are just getting shorter and shorter.

Moving on.

Yesterday’s blog didn’t do very well, and I’m not going to lie, I don’t blame you. It was shit.

They were all shit.

But honestly, I’m getting a lot more traffic than I thought I would. So start sharing people! You never know, someone might actually like my irritatingly vague posts!

I kind of want to end this here, but I don’t at the same time. I’m at a loss.

I just heard rats squeaking, so this means I probably won’t be getting to sleep anytime soon because apparently, my baby rats think it’s a GREAT idea to come out of hiding at night when we’re trying to go to bed.


But they’re fucking adorable so it’s alright!

But anyways guys, I’m getting incredibly tired! So I’m going to turn in for the night/day.

I’ll be back tomorrow. But I’m not promising anything substantial. It’ll probably be another blog like this!

Anyways! Night lovelies!



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