I can't believe it has been two months. It's crazy how time flies. Especially when you feel like you only posted a week ago. I have been so crazy busy, I have barely been able to catch my breath but hopefully, I can take a minute to start getting my shit together? Jesus, how long... Continue Reading →


Vicious Dogs

Okay so here's the thing. I have two GREAT dogs. I have a german shepherd and a coonhound, both are incredibly friendly and love playing with other dogs, they are also so great off leash I mean I really lucked out with them. Anyways, today was +30 and it was like stupid humid, there was no... Continue Reading →

Asshole Drivers.

Alright, so this is an overdue post. Not because I haven't posted in a while, but mostly because it annoys the shit out of me and I have no idea why I haven't posted about it sooner to be real with you. An event happened to me the other day, I was driving with my... Continue Reading →

Serious Talk!

Great news! I'm out of my funk! It's been a hard month, but I'm getting better! I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything. I miss this so much, and there are so many times where I open the page and end up just closing it again. Anyways, I'm back now so let's catch up! I'm... Continue Reading →


It's a bitch. It's that thing that makes it impossible to get out of bed, it makes you sleep for 11 hours and still feel exhausted. It's that feeling that you're making everyone around you miserable and unhappy, it sits you in a chair and keeps you there for hours on end. It makes your... Continue Reading →

Needless to Say.

I think it goes without saying that I've deleted a lot of my posts. With that being said, from this point on I'm done with the drama of it all. I'm starting fresh, I've left a few of them up but other than that, I'm starting over. I'm going to be writing more frequently in... Continue Reading →

Rise Above.

I've been wanting to write a post the last week or so, but to be totally honest. I haven't had the drive. I've been stuck in a downward spiral of self-hatred and doubt. No, you know what.. I honestly think it would be more along the lines of self-loathing at this point. It's been a... Continue Reading →

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

There are days I can't even touch my wife. Days that the smallest task is unaccomplishable. Sometimes, I can't even be a functioning adult, because my anxiety is so unbelievably crippling that I have to constantly look at my wife for the reassurance that something terrible isn't going to happen. I have to ask her... Continue Reading →

I’m So Proud!!

Sooo, It's April 11th and I've been a member of GoodLife Fitness since April 1st. See my fiancee and I are NOTORIOUS for giving up on things like this, but for some reason, we finally pulled our heads out of our asses and started getting serious. We have missed a total of TWO days of... Continue Reading →

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